the new 1.8 version of the LumityTM XRB family stands out for its several new functions. For example, thanks to the support for X-MOD motion detectors, it is now possible to optimize energy consumptions also by turning the lights off when the conditions allow it, e.g. when users are not near the cabinet. Moreover, the other newly introduced functions in the 1.8 version broadens the range of applications where XRB controllers can be used.

For instance, the synchronized defrosts are very useful where there are several cabinets in the same store, while the multi map function allows to manage 2 different configuration settings (e.g. static or ventilated coolers, or °C and °F measurement unit when used in different geographical areas). The family is now complete with the introduction of the top-of-the-line XRB77CH model, equipped with both motion detector and RS485 serial port.

The 1.8 version includes important functions that contribute to improve the energy management of refrigerated cabinets, by optimizing the light ON time and modifying the functioning set point based on the real conditions of the cabinet where the XRB controller is installed.