This is to inform you that the software for the pGDX touch display used in Carel humidifiers has been updated. The changes have been made to the displays used on the following humidifiers:
• heaterSteam,
• gaSteam,
• humiFog direct.

The new graphic display software versions are:
• heaterSteam: SW ver. 1.0.007
• gaSteam: SW ver. 1.0.004
• humiFog direct: SW ver. 1.0.004

The new graphic display hardware versions are:
• HCTXGCR000 –> 1122C
• HCTXGC0000 –> 1122C
• HCTXRCFP00 –> 1122C
• HCTXRCR000 –> 1122C
• HCTXRC0000 –> 1122C
• HCTXDAR000 –> 1122C
• HCTXDA0000 –> 1122C

The changes have been implemented on the above part numbers and for new gaSteam units starting from 22/01/2021. For new heaterSteam and humiFog direct units, the changes will be implemented starting from the beginning of February 2021.