From 1st of February 2023, the following CSV models will be available for ordering with the option

Permanent Magnet Motor instead of Asynchronous Motor ;

 CSVH24-125MY
 CSVH25-160MY
 CSVH26-200MY
 CSVW24-125MY
 CSVW25-160MY
 CSVW26-200MY

 For the compressors sizes CSVH24-125MY, CSVH25-160MY and CSVH26-200MY in combination with R1234ze / R513A, please use the polynomials attached (2021-09-07_CSVHPM-motor_EN12900.xlsx). Other refrigerants on demand.

 For the compressors sizes CSVW24-125MY, CSVW25-160MY and CSVW26-200MY, please refer to the BITZER SOFTWARE.