We want to inform you that Carel has officially started the PHASE-OUT of Power+ PSD1 10A product family. The finish goods codes that are subjected to the PHASE-OUT process are:

  • PSD101021A
  • PSD10102BA
  • PSD10102DA
  • PSD10102EA
  • PSD1D0421A10
  • PSD1D042BA10
  • PSD1D0621A10
  • PSD1D062BA10
  • PSD1D1021A10
  • PSD1D102BA10


The PSD1 product family with a current rating of 10A, listed above, was officially launched in 2014 together with the entire PSD1 family. The PSD1 10A 1ph 230V were designed to meet the demand of small applications within 3.8kW of power, guaranteeing quality at an affordable price. As a result of the launch of PSD2 which has technologically surpassed PSD1 in terms of features and functions, the sales of the PSD1 10A have begun to decline, up to settling at minimum values in the last period.

Low sales volumes cause low purchase volumes which result in an inefficient and expensive supply chain, already under tension due to the complicated historical period and the continuous increase in procurement times that is occurring in the electronics market. All this affects the level of service Caution 01/04/2021 2 promised, making the entire product management burdensome and high-risk.