As we’re well aware, maintaining the proper oil balance is crucial for the optimal performance and reliability of any refrigeration system, especially in complex CO2 setups. With our cutting-edge BOS4 oil separator series, we’re setting new benchmarks in these vital aspects.

Introducing the BOS4-CDH series, a groundbreaking line of oil separators tailored for transcritical CO2 applications.

Thanks to the meticulously engineered borosilicate separator cartridge of type FK4, the BOS4 oil separators assure the highest oil separation rates across all operational scenarios. They also promise an extended cartridge service life, even in cases of oil contamination.

Starting from October, you can get your hands on the BOS4-CDH-1AFO model, while the BOS4-R-CDH-1AF, BOS4-CDH-1BFO, and BOS4-R-CDH-1BF models will hit the market in November 2023. The series will see further expansion, including the BOS4-CDH-1CFO and BOS4-R-CDH-1CF models, currently in production.

Our fourth-generation borosilicate fine separator cartridges are also compatible for retrofitting BOS3 oil separators in refrigeration plants with a maximum operating temperature of 150°C. It’s worth noting that this might result in increased oil separation, necessitating the removal of excess oil from the system.