In its steadfast journey towards advancing sustainability, Frascold reinforces and solidifies its dedication and commitment by integrating an Environmental Management System across the entire value chain.

A unified global vision, characterized by equitable and sustainable progress, propels Frascold to limit its ecological footprint through the improvement of products and production processes. Employing a methodical and proactive approach, the company establishes precise corporate guidelines, operational planning, and performance analysis in strict adherence to ESG requirements, while respecting the local environment.

“Environmental responsibility stands as a strategic and indispensable value for Frascold. The integration of environmental governance into our Quality management system signifies an active pursuit of responsible and conscious holistic development, in a long-term perspective,” asserts Giuseppe Galli, CEO of Frascold. He further remarks, “Frascold directs its focus across the entire life cycle of its solutions, from conception and production to subsequent marketing and distribution, benefiting the entire supply chain. Through ongoing investments in R&D, we have developed innovative and high-performance natural refrigerant compressors, positioning the company at the forefront of international climate and energy objectives. Simultaneously, Frascold supports various projects aimed at enhancing the well-being of its people and optimizing the efficiency of the entire production plant.”

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