The growing interest in sustainable solutions, designed to reduce the environmental impact, to preserve our planet and our future, is experiencing, in recent times, an important acceleration, also following the bet, launched by the European Commission, towards the creation of a more Eco-sustainable world. 2021 represents the start of the “Green Deal” and the worldwide commitment to achieve significant progress in improving climatic conditions, through the launch and promotion of important investments by all primary economic sectors.

DORIN , as a pioneer in the global market, has believed, invested and developed “natural” solutions since the 1990s, and for 2021 has decided to further consolidate its position by improving its line of natural gas compressors, the ECOS line, with the strengthening of the cooling capacities and the increase in products range.

In the family of CO2 compressors, the CD family, the CD600 range, already winner of the AHR Innovation Awards 2021, has in fact been further enhanced with the entry of a new model, the CD6 901-99B.