SWEP optimizes energy, material and space consumption in heating and cooling systems. We are proud to contribute to a comfortable and sustainable life for people around the world and a competitive advantage for our customers.

Entrepreneurship for the future
What started more than 30 years ago with two Swedish entrepreneurs in a garage is now an international corporation with 900 employees. The founders were pioneers who seized an opportunity with a technology they believed in and to which they devoted their passion, creativity and personal commitment. This spirit is still present in SWEP today, which keeps us pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Driven by the belief that our products are part of a sustainable future, we challenge efficiency and challenge our partners to do the same.

Performance that gives a competitive edge
At SWEP, we are constantly challenging efficiency: in the products we design, the way we work, and in all our interactions. We use our expertise and innovation to create sustainable heating and cooling solutions that also give our customers a competitive advantage. Our brazed plate heat exchangers provide unmatched performance at the lowest life cycle costs.