Over 35 years of dedication and passion

Oxyturbo was founded by a family of entrepreneurs who still passionately run the company today. In more than 35 years of business, Oxyturbo reaffirms its original values ​​that have enabled the company to grow continuously: technical expertise, processes and product quality, together with providing a truly customer-focused organization. Principles based on the expertise of a team that has always believed that hard work and respect for the market can make a difference and reap rewards in a business sector that is becoming more demanding and competitive every day.

Innovation in line with corporate principles and values
Over the years, the range of Oxyturbo products has been enriched with more and more efficient, versatile and reliable technological solutions.
This development process continues to be consistent with their original values ​​and has been structured to fully understand the needs of the market. Companies, experts and brands that have encouraged us to further develop and to work more and more innovatively: that is, to put “Gas into action”, to present ourselves as the best supplier of solutions for use with gases.

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