The main industrial segments are the HVAC/R ones, where Onda is one of the market leaders, thanks to its high know-how, and where Onda S.p.A. is supplier of the major OEMs. Today, thanks to its elevated know-how, and using its experience of more than 20 years, Onda S.p.A. can look and operate in new and different markets and industrial segments.

Onda has four production plants, two located in Mussolente, one in Lonigo and one in USA (Delaware, OH). In the Lonigo plant approximately 9,000 square meters are used for the manufacturing of shell and tube heat exchangers and air heat exchangers. The plants in Mussolente are dedicated to the production of brazed plate and plate and frame heat exchangers and to the manufacture of large industrial vessels as well as mechanical machining. Totally the manufacturing plants includes an area of approximately 23,000 square meters.

Onda S.p.A. has a modern and efficient laboratory, equipped for the execution of accurate thermal tests, and can claim important collaborations with research societies, professionists and universities.

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