Modine is a world leader in commercial and industrial heat transfer solutions. As an innovator in the coolers industry and premier level manufacturer, our focus is on meeting our customers’ needs, but also keeping our commitment to advancing technology to help protect our environment. Our products have been developed to offer efficient performance and reduced energy consumption, in compliance with the latest F-Gas regulations. Moreover, thanks to a more compact inner volume, our products use less refrigerant charge than in the past. Modine anticipates the future by presenting cutting-edge environmentally friendly solutions!

With energy costs soaring and climate change increasingly in the news, energy efficiency is more important than ever. At Modine, as an option, we can offer all of our fans with electronically commutated (EC) technology to help guarantee lower energy usage.

We are committed to partnering with our customers to help them increase their competitiveness. Our products and services enable our customers to improve operational efficiency, improve products, and reduce tied-up capital. Because we focus on our customers’ results and are unfailingly reliable, we are the partner on which our customers base their future development.

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