Conex Bänninger traces its origins back more than 100 years and is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fittings and valves for plumbing, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. The Conex Bänninger brand offers a wide and diverse range of products and solutions with many ranges uniquely designed for specialized applications.

The company combines its longstanding expertise and heritage with forward thinking innovation, creating products that are adapted to changing industry requirements while retaining the steadfast reliability central to the brand.

Consistency of quality, professional expertise in application and the flexibility to meet the different needs of the regions in which it operates has made Conex Bänninger the global leading company it is today.

Excellence is our goal, and with ongoing technological advances, the challenges of external influences and our client’s ever-changing needs, it is one that evolves constantly.

It is, however, something we have worked towards since the company’s earliest inception over 110 years ago and has become part of our heritage. We believe that it is in pursuit of those ever-higher levels of distinction, that we truly attain excellence from innovation to installation.

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