The BITZER CO2 gas coolers have undergone significant redesign efforts over the past year, aimed at expanding the application range, enhancing performance, and optimizing costs. Consequently, we are delighted to introduce the all-new GK series, representing an evolutionary leap from the preceding WGC family, which will be entirely succeeded by this latest iteration.


The GK gas coolers encompass numerous noteworthy design enhancements:

Increased CO2 (tube) side design pressure from 120 to 140 bar:

  • Ensures a future-proof design that aligns with market demands for higher pressure conditions.
  • Tailored to meet the requirements of heat pump applications.

Increased water (shell) side design pressure from 10 to 16 bar:

  • Geared for applications demanding high pumping head pressure.

Elevated design temperature:

  • Standard version featuring TS=150°C on the CO2 (tube) side and TS=65°C on the water (shell) side.
  • “T” version with TS=150°C on the CO2 (tube) side and TS=150°C on the water (shell) side, catering to high-temperature heat pump applications.
  • These improvements collectively enhance the performance, reliability, and versatility of the GK series, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological advancements in gas cooling systems.