Proven performance.
Tecumseh Products Company LLC is known for bringing an extra dimension of product innovation, customer trust and product quality to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Because of our innovative spirit and product performance, people rely on our products every day. We literally touch the lives of millions.

Early beginnings.
We developed the first “hermetic” compressor for consumer refrigerators in 1937. As the Tecumseh name became synonymous with commercial refrigeration and central air conditioning, in 1953 we expanded our product line to include automotive air conditioning compressors. Our reputation for innovation has grown even further. in 1959, when we developed the first high-speed hermetically sealed compressor for commercial use.

A focused company.
Although our product manufacturing focus remains the same, Tecumseh has made significant investments in research and development engineering laboratories in North America, Europe, South America and India. We have also collaborated with research and development institutions at universities around the world. These facilities are not only responsible for engineering product solutions, but our university partners also provide life science research into how our products interact with humanity and the environment.

Tecumseh’s innovation.
Today, we manufacture a full line of hermetically sealed compressors for commercial refrigeration, residential and specialty air conditioners, and domestic refrigerators and freezers. But our expertise doesn’t stop there; we also offer a full line of indoor and outdoor condensing units, evaporators, heat pumps, complete refrigeration systems and authorized spare parts.

Global products.
Our products can be quickly accessed from manufacturing facilities on four continents when needed worldwide. We can ensure coordination between our global facilities and your factory locations anywhere so that product selection, specifications and product delivery are assured.

Unwavering commitment.
For more than seven decades, Tecumseh has responded to the challenges of the refrigeration and air conditioning market and led the way with improved products and services to support the industries we serve. A company-wide dedication to quality control has already earned Tecumseh the highest quality rating from major refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers. And the people we employ are honored to touch so many lives in so many countries every day.

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