MIV Insulating Systems has undoubtedly become one of the leading companies in the field of industrial cold store doors.

Maintaining its purely artisan vocation, with attention to detail and quality, MIV now produces industrially thousands of industrial doors for widely differing world markets. The experience gained over the years has made it possible to develop not only the production of finished industrial doors but also of accessories and components. These products, tested and used for our own production of industrial doors, are available for sale, assuring customers the highest quality and ease of use.

MIV exports about 80% of its production. Distinctly different foreign markets with different issues have allowed MIV to specialize increasingly in a global and highly competitive market now. Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and America are the markets in which MIV operates daily, ensuring its customers the supply of doors and accessories, which are reliable and good quality, competitively priced and extremely easy to install.

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