Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of a new generation of 4M* (4 cylinders) and 6M* (6 cylinders) semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor family called Stream for commercial refrigeration applications using medium pressure HFO-blends R454C (GWP 148), R455A (GWP 148) and R454A (GWP 239) with mildly-flammability characteristics (A2L). The generation 2 Stream compressors are the perfect solution for future-proof applications using low GWP refrigerants. This is the 1st phase of a broad qualification program, which will be quickly followed by the release of other semi-hermetic reciprocating models and other A2L refrigerants (pure HFOs).

The new range of second generation Stream compressor models has been qualified for both the new A2L refrigerants (R454C, R455A, R454A) and the previous A1 refrigerants (R448A/R449A, R407A/F, R404A, R407C, R134a, R513A and R450A). This provides the user with a compressor solution that can be used universally for multiple refrigerant variants and tasks, such as for the design of new systems, replacement in existing systems or for subsequent refrigerant conversions.

Emerson also announces the product changeover of the entire 4M* and 6M* series from design revision number “1” to “2”. The new index or design revision number “2” includes the internal modifications necessary for safe operation with A2L refrigerants and refrigerant blends with higher HFO contents and was introduced in the current production process from the beginning of October 2021 (serial number 21J7611M onwards).