Carel is pleased to launch the upgraded line of μRack series controllers, a solution developed regionally (EEMEA) on the ACU platform and now available globally as a corporate product. μRack represents the latest generation entry-level version for the management of simple condensing units and small standard compressor racks with up to 2 suction lines, for synchronous management of medium and low temperature units. The focus of the application is HFC/HFO refrigerants, used above all in the APAC and LATAM regions, but also in EMEA for small units. Thanks to its features and the different models available, uRack can be used in different applications, mainly in the field of commercial refrigeration. Condensing units, i.e. units equipped with a compressor and condenser that manage the refrigerant circuit high pressure line and are connected to a small number of showcases and/or cold rooms. These can be either closed or open.